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Details for "Kal Honey: Resuscitation of Dead Paintings"

Kal Honey

Tuesday, November 14 and Wednesday, November 15, 2017

9:30 until 3:30


Dead Painting Resuscitation Ward

New ideas for old paintings


As painters, we inevitably have paintings that don’t work: it’s just the nature of the creative process that some do and some don’t. Painting is all about risk, uncertainty, failed experiments, layers of attempts, frustrations, glimmers of hope, and every once in a while — a triumph. 


Most of the time, in the ones that don’t work —there is something of merit there — and so we keep searching, until exasperation sets in and they get set aside until further notice… This workshop is designed for just such paintings! 


Through a series of creative interventions, experiments and juxtapositions, we’ll explore different ideas and processes – selectively harnessing aspects of the old as we re-invent our way towards something new.


If you have no dead ends at home under the bed — this workshop is not for you. If, on the other hand, if you have a stack of stalemated, abandoned, or unloved paintings — then haul ‘em out, load ‘em up and bring ‘em down! Have some fun and re-make some new paintings — no new canvasses or panels needed!

Kal Honey


Materials List


10-15 old acrylic paintings of various sizes that you’re comfortable offering up to the gods

full arsenal of acrylic paints, plus black and white gesso

A few colours of fluid acrylic paints if you have them

Full range of brushes, including a large 4” brush (or house-painting brush)

Liquid matt and gloss medium

any other acrylic mediums you might have

painter’s tape

scissors, utility knife, ruler


a smart phone or tablet — not absolutely necessary, but can be useful for image reference



PLUS: a $25.00 materials fee 

Venue: Arena Boardroom in Markham Village Community Centre

Time: 9:30 till 3:30




Course Cost & Status

  • CAN$105.00 with Non-member
Spots Available:
14 of 15 spots available
Registration Closes:
2018-10-21 23:59:00

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