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Details for "March 22: Acrylic Landscapes with Margaret Roseman"

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Margaret Roseman  

Broken Colour – The Landscape in Acrylic

Margaret Roseman



This course is for landscape artists who crave more artistic freedom and a looser expression in their work while remaining faithful to their subject. 

Margaret Roseman- Acrylic on Canvas

At the heart of the impressionist movement is the manner of paint application called “broken colour”.  This method describes optical mixing effects that occur between applied strokes of paint and the exposed under-painted surface.   This technique of paint application will allow you to handle colour in a more simplified manner while showcasing your individual mark.  Please bring photo references or sketches.


Here is a list of basic Acrylic materials. 





The colours listed below are my personal choice for painting.  This list is only a suggestion.  You are welcome to bring your usual heavy body acrylic paints in tubes or jars, your choice of manufacturer, as long as they are “artist quality” products.  


The following are Holbein brand paints that I like to use:  

*Yellow*Cobalt Blue

*Marigold*Ultramarine Blue

Cadmium Yellow LightPeacock Blue

Cadmium Yellow Orange*Flame Red

Cadmium Red MiddleCadmium Green Deep

*Compose RoseRose Violet

*Cerulean BlueManganese Blue Nova

*Titanium White


* My Essential Colours


Guideline for choosing the basic palette:

Yellow – one cool and one warm   eg. Lemon Yellow and Cadmium Yellow Deep

Red – one cool and one warm   eg. Alizarin Crimson and Cadmium Red Middle 

Blue – one cool and one warm    eg. Cerulean Blue and Ultramarine Blue

Plus -Titanium White 


In time, you may wish to add more colours to these basics for greater mixing range.  




acrylic synthetic brushes -  I prefer Robert Simmons Titanium Series

 ¼” flat or filbert

 ½” flat or filbert

1”   flat

# 8 round

1” and 2” inexpensive, disposable brushes or foam (buy at hardware store)


Other essentials

Pre-stretched Canvas- either regular thickness with staples on the back or gallery wrap, which has a thicker profile.  Please no smaller than 11” x 14”.

Peel-off palette   OR   Mixing trays (Styrofoam food trays)

Sketch book and pencil

Palette knife - optional

Spray bottle 

Two plastic water containers (min. 500ml. size)

Roll of paper towels or blue shop towels

Hair dryer

Table or floor easel- optional

Apron or painting smock

Hand barrier cream or disposable gloves


Plastic cover for table




Arena Boardroom in Markham Village Community Centre

Time: 9:30 till 2:30



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