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Details for "Feb. 23 Adding Dimension to Your Painting:Creating Texture and Impasto in Acrylics"

Markham Group of Artists One-day workshop

Saturday February 23, 2019, 10am–3pm

Location: Markham Village Library  

6031 Hwy 7, Markham L3P3A7 

Instructor : Kim-Lee Kho

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Adding Dimension to Your Painting: Creating Texture and Impasto in Acrylics

Enrich your paintings by pushing the paint out from the flatness of the canvas or panel into delicious relief surfaces we can feel with our eyes, (like work by post-impressionist Vincent Van Gogh through l’automatiste Paul-Émile Borduas to contemporary painter Kim Dorland).

In this workshop, build vivid surfaces in acrylic paint by developing your skills to create rich and varied textures, sculpt the paint and build up impasto marks. Also learn how to extend the open time so you can work back into the existing paint layer.

Instructor Kim-Lee Kho will guide you through creative and technical – and fun! – aspects of working with and modifying acrylics to enhance the third dimension in your work. Check the materials list to see if you have the acrylic mediums you’ll need for this workshop, and if not, Kim will have some available at a discount from retail pricing.

Materials fee $10, payable to the instructor.

Student materials

$10 materials fee covers a “toy box” of tools and other materials for you to use in class

Acrylic mediumswe will be working with:

• small amount of gloss (or semi-gloss) polymer medium (basic fluid medium)

• small amount of matte polymer medium (aka matte medium)

• 8oz or more of modelling paste (or “molding” paste)

• 8oz or more of gel - gloss, preferably heavy or super heavy

• Optional (if you already have): a textured gel of some kind or matte gel (in addition to, not instead of the ones listed above)

NOTE: If you are missing any of these acrylic mediums in your own supplies, you can purchase some from me at a discount from retail pricing. Please bring cash.


• Acrylic paints (high viscosity is preferable)  colours: white, black, basics (e.g. primaries) and some favourites  you will not need big tubs

• brushes (a variety) – synthetic bristles are best

• palette and some palette and/or painting knives for mixing and painting with

• painters tape (like masking tape but not beige; releases more easily)

• table covering, spray bottle, paper towels etc.

A FEW SURFACES – SMALL ONES even if not usual for you

• wooden painting panels (cradled or uncradled) and stretched canvases (8x8”, 8x10”, 9x12”, or 10x10” are recommended) – four total, including at least one of either wood or canvas

• Note: Dollarama sells 8x10 cradled wood painting panels for $3 each if you’d like to save money


• shallow walled box or two can help you to transport wet paintings safely home in your car (e.g. pizza boxes, boxes for tinned goods such as you can get at No Frills, lids from photocopy paper)

• Optional, if you have: stencils for painting

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