Details for "Cold Wax Workshop with Sylva Sroujian"

Doors open at 9:00 and course begins at 9:30 and runs until 1:30
Saturday November 26th

Markham Public Library
6031 Hwy 7

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Outline for Cold Wax & Oil painting workshop

Painting with Oil & Cold Wax is super exciting, always engaging with seemingly unlimited

techniques. I am looking forward to sharing my experience in this medium and encourage

enthusiasm and creativity with the group.

The cold wax gives the paint a stiffer and more buttery body than straight oil, thus it lends

itself beautifully to applying with various tools - squeegees, bowl scrapers, credit cards, palette knives, brayers. The wax helps the oil to dry more quickly, facilitating the build up of layers, and also the scraping back into the underlying layer. Mark making with oil sticks or with tools is also an interesting part of the process. My way to paint with this medium is multi-layered. The technique really helps to loosen up painters who are used to, or even limited by the amount of control achieved with brushes.

One aspect of the medium that we’ll be unable to explore fully in a one-day workshop is the fact that a painting will not finish because of the long drying process. To get a sense of how final stages are done, I will bring with me a work in progress, a dry painted piece, and work on it to show how a piece is completed. Rather than working on completing one perfect painting, I encourage participants to work on several at once, to allow a true sense of play and experimentation. This medium is really fun and seems to encourage painting. Mistakes don’t really seem to exist – any paint is easily scraped off or painted over, in fact this contributes to creating depth and texture in a piece. I would also encourage participants to bring along smaller paintings that have an unsuccessful feel or are in progress (oil or acrylic) and work over them with the cold wax and oil.

My paintings are inspired by landscape – I mostly use my photos as reference. Although we

intend to complete a beautiful painting, we will learn in the workshop that we should be guided by elements of art and principles of composition, colour, shapes and values and if necessary, make changes to the reference.

Participants are welcome to use their own photo reference, or to paint abstract or landscape

inspired paintings imaginatively and intuitively. I’ll offer one-on-one instruction, intuitive and

constructive critique, and positive encouragement.

Looking forward to having a great workshop!

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