2020 Calendar of Events


DATE                       EVENT                                       VENUE



Nov. 20—Jan. 20     SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL                    MGA website +

                                Show and Sale                               social media


Dec. 2                    ‘PEERING IN’ Peer Critique            7:30 pm, Zoom

Dec. 9                    ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
                               DEMO - Sharon Kirsh                     7-9pm, Zoom




Annual General Meeting December 9, 2020

We will be hosting the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, December 9 from 6:30-7:00 p.m., followed by the Sharon Kirsh demonstration on working with cold wax. At the AGM, members will be receiving an update on MGA's operations and finances, and members will be voting on our new directors: Carmela Casuccio, Linda McIntosh, and Lynda Warne. Members will also be confirming the MGA executive: Robin Potter, President; Carmela Casuccio, Vice President; Pat Durst, Secretary; Lynda Warne, Treasurer; Vera Walton, Program Director. A quorum of 25 members will be required for the vote. If you cannot attend, please send a proxy vote to Pat Durst: patdurst@rogers.com.