Executive Roles

Executive Positions 2020-2022: Description of Roles





The President is key in creating and sustaining the vision, mission, and values for the evolution of MGA and in providing leadership in the management, development, and advancement of this not-for-profit group. 


Responsibilities include:


  • Networking with local artist councils, groups, and independent art organizations with the goal of generating new members and opportunities for existing members
  • Identifying potential funding sources for art projects, exhibitions, juried shows, and other member opportunities
  • Locating local opportunities for members to market their work
  • Chairing meetings, but may periodically designate another member of the Executive to assume this duty
  • Updating the Executive members on activities and opportunities



The responsibilities of the Vice-President consist largely of supporting the President’s efforts in advancing MGA.



  • Collaborating with the president on creating and sustaining the MGA vision, mission, and values
  • Assisting in the management, development, and advancement of MGA goals
  • Creating initiatives that build upon the networking, funding, and marketing opportunities identified by the President
  • Performing the responsibilities of the President in the President’s absence
  • Liaising with the executive and the membership