Advertising Through MGA



With a reach of  90+ active members from the arts community, advertising through MGA can lead to increasing recognition among fellow art lovers and an expanded audience.MGA is pleased to offer internal advertising in our newsletter for members who offer art-related workshops or other art activities outside of MGA’s purview. At the affordable rate of $20 per ad per newsletter, you will reach an avid audience of art lovers like you. Please take note of the following guidelines for advertising in Communique, which are effective January 15, 2023:


  • The notice must not exceed 50 words

  • The notice must be received at least one week prior to the 1st of every month

  • The notice must be copy-ready (do not send drafts or incomplete notices)

  • Make payment through our automated tool at

  • Include your contact information in the advertisement and email

  • Send the notice to

  • Once sent, allow for one week for processing and/or feedback

Contact to place an advertisement
Payment can be made here