Grid Rental

MGA owns 60 display grids which are available for rent my members at a nominal cost. Each metal grid is 6' high and 2' wide. They come with boxes of fasteners. The cost is $1/day per grid for member and $3/day per grid for non-member, with a minimum rental of three grids, not counting days for pick up and delivery. Any significant damage to a grid will cost $30. 
Transportation of the grids is the responsibility of the renter.  If you cannot arrange to have a large enough vehicle to transport them you can ask for a delivery quote.  The cost of delivery depends on the distance, timing and availability of someone to drive.

Grids are picked up at: 
14 Spanhouse Crescent
Unionville, ON L3R 4E3
Please contact Linda McIntosh in advance to arrange for pickup and delivery.  
Order your grids here.