How to Create a Facebook Page for your Art

How to Create a Facebook Page For Your Art



  • If you are working on a tablet then make sure you do this ALL from your web browser, NOT from the Facebook App. 
  • You must already have a personal Facebook page to create an artists page. If you do not have one, then first go to


1. Go here to create your facebook artist page:


2. Select the box that says "artist, band or public figure" Choose the category "artist" and choose a name for your artists' page. It can be anything, but distinguish it from your personal account. some options include (your name, artist) (your name: title) (a unique descriptor)  Then click "get started". From this point forward, Facebook will walk you through setting up the different sections. 


3. About Tab: Use 155 characters to describe your art, approach philosophy. There is space to provide your website if you have one. Lastly, you can create the way that search engines will describe your Facebook page. Be careful here, you are only allowed to change this once. Mine is If for any reason it does not allow you to make the change it may be because someone else has used that name already. If you are having difficulties search the name you are trying.

4. Profile Picture Tab: An image of your face, either painted or a photograph is best, but the choice is yours. This picture must be distinctly different from the one used on your personal page.

5. Add to Favorites Tab: Yes select this. This will help you stay up-to-date and have easier access to your page, from your personal page.

6. Preferred Page Audience Tab: Now this is where it starts to get fun! This is about targeting your posts and making sure that Facebook shares your work with the people most likely to be interested. Narrowing and targeting your audience is helpful. Follow along! If you are uncertain, you can leave this all blank.

Location: Select Canada and the US, select Markham, or wherever you are located, but you can choose other countries as well. I would select countries where I also have Facebook friends and family. If your work is very specific to people in a particular country, then include that as well. If you have no intention of selling your work to people outside of Ontario, then you can specify Ontario, you can even specify Markham.

Age: Is there a target age for your artwork? It depends on your work, I would not have a minimum any lower then 18+, and I will specify 65+, but let your knowledge and experience guide you.

Gender: Between the choices of all, male female, and this depends on your artwork. Do you find that only one gender purchases your artwork?

Interests: This one is important? What are the interests of those that like your art? Yoga? Gardens? Fairytales? Cars? Algonquin Park? Travel?

5a). Like your page: When you are done, Facebook will automatically bring you to your page. There will be some prompts follow along, as they are there to help you become familiar with your page.


6. Add a cover photo: Above the photograph you added of yourself there is a camera icon, that when your cursor touches it, it says “Add a Cover”. Go ahead and add a cover photo! Make it something visually interesting that is also a good reflection of your work.

7. Status Bar: Find the status bar. It is just below your cover photo. Write your very first post! You can write this! Add some text to the box!  “Hi Everyone, Welcome to my new artists page! I am going to show you lots of my artwork here!” If you click on the little camera icon below, you can include a photograph of your artwork from your computer. When you are happy with your post, click post.


8. Invite Your Friends: If you have had a personal Facebook page, then you likely have Facebook Friends. These Friends appear in a list on the left of the Status Bar. The box is called PEOPLE. If you go to the bottom of the box and click “See All Friends” the entire list will come up, and you can click the “Invite” button that appears besides each persons’ name. If this box is not there, then read the following instruction.

9. Switch between your personal and business profile: We will discuss this in class, but there are two ways to interact with your Facebook page. You can view it like any other fan of your art would, as yourself, or you can view it as the administrator of your page. At the very top of your screen at the far right corner is an upside down triangle. Click on it. It will say… “Use Facebook As”. When you want to invite your friends, you need to be using Facebook as your personal page (because these are your personal friends). But otherwise, when you are posting on your page, you will want to be using Facebook as your business page. Toggle back and forth a couple of times. Notice my picture at the top of the page, it tells me whether I am working from my personal or my business page.


10. Like Pages: Using Facebook as your “business”. Find the search box at the top left hand corner and type in “Markham Group of Artists” and select Like. You can like any other page you choose.