2021 Calendar of Events



Calendar of program events:

Critiques on zoom at 7:30 -9 pm, Members’ Meetings/Presentations on zoom at 7-9pm


Apr. 28. Member critique 

May 05. Presentation by Ray Mc Niece

May 12. Member critique 

May 26. Member critique 

June 02. Presentation by Olga Senyk presentation/demo landscapes

June 09. Member critique 

June 19. Workshop by Keith Thirgood-- landscapes 

June 23. Lunch in the park and bring a painting to critique 


July. Only the plein air group meets


Aug. 18. MGA opening for new season - Welcome back critique and meet

Sep. 8. Presentation - Judy Livingston

Sep. 15. Member critique

Sept. 25 Outdoor workshop with Judy Livingson 

Sep. 29. Member critique

Oct. 06. Presentation - Peka Kucha - each artist presents 5 mins

Oct. 03. Member critique 

Oct. 23. Workshop - Ray McNiece landscape. 

Oct. 27. Member critique 

Nov. 03. Presentation—curator talk 

Nov. 10. Member critique 

Nov. 20. Workshop. - with Keith Thirgood

Nov. 24. Member critique 

Dec. 01. Presentation –gallery owner talk

Dec. 08. Member critique—Professional Critique with Suzanne Metz 

Dec. 15. Party