2021 Calendar of Events



Calendar of program events:

Critiques on zoom at 7:30 -9 pm, Members’ Meetings/Presentations on zoom at 7-9pm


Apr. 28. Member critique 

May 05. Presentation by Ray Mc Niece

May 26. Member critique 

June 02. Presentation by Olga Senyk presentation/demo landscapes

June 19. Workshop outside at Milne Park with Olga Senyk: en plein air landscape.

June 23. Lunch in Milne Park. Bring a painting to critique


July. Only the plein air group meets at 10 am.

July 8. McKay House in Unionville

July 15 Applewood Farm

July 22 Main Street Markham

July 29 Lynn Westaway's Farm


Sep.  8.     Presentation - curator or gallery owner talk TBA

Sep.  15.   Member critique 

Sep.  29.   Member critique

Oct.   06.  Presentation

Oct.   13.   Member critique 

Oct. 23.     Workshop  - with Mommin Khan - if poss. TBA

Oct.    27.   Member critique 

Nov.   03.   Presentation 

Nov.   10.   Member critique 

Nov. 20.    Workshop. - TBA

Nov.    24.  Member critique 

Dec.   01.   Presentation 

Dec. 08.    Member critique 

Dec. 15.     Party