collaborative projects by The Markham Group of Artists

For a few years now, our group has been involved in creating collaborative mosaics for the community, and so far produced five wonderful pieces which you can see below. Our latest mosaic "COMING UP ROSES" was permanently installed in the newly renovated Morgan Pool facility in Morgan Park, Markham.

It was challenging for artists of various skill levels, styles and perspectives to make their pieces fit into the larger picture but they made it work, beautifully demonstrating how individuals of various backgrounds can bring their ideas and perspectives together to create something wonderful and inspiring.

The process for the mosaic is fascinating: first, a full-size cartoon is created based on the theme selected for the venue. From this image, the sections are cropped and the requisite segments handed out to participating artists.The challenge for each artist  is to interpret the shapes, colours and values of the template provided for their section and see within it other “hidden” images, ensuring that the section works as a stand-alone piece that also fits into the bigger picture. These hidden elements created by the artist are treasures for the viewer to discover on close inspection of the artwork.

COMING UP ROSES  |  Morgan Park Pool  |  120"w x 72"h
The 60 panels that make up this artwork were created by 20 different MGA members. The various styles were woven together to create an image that pays homage to Markham's historical past.

CANADA 150 mosaic  |  Richmond Hill Welcome Centre Immigration Services  |  96"w x 48"h">CANADA 150 mosaic  |  Richmond Hill Welcome Centre Immigration Services  |  96

CANADA 150 mosaic  |  Richmond Hill Welcome Centre Immigration Services  |  96"w x 48"h

23 members of the MGA collaborated on this mosaic to commemorate Canada's upcoming 150th year of confederation. It celebrates the historical impact of immigrants to this country while acknowledging the indigenous people and their deep roots. It also welcomes newcomers to our collective ‘Canadianity’ and contains imagery teaching them about this amazing land.


above: "PLUGGED IN"  |  Thornhill Library  |  5'W x 7'H    
top right: panel for Markhaven Seniors Home  |  8'W x 5'H diptych
bottom right: Cornell Library mosaic  |  7'W x 4"H