Large Painting Display Entry


We are pleased to offer our members the opportunity to display large abstract artwork in an expansive showroom.

You will have a unique opportunity to display large works in a diversified contemporary furniture setting. This business has trade, realtor, and design networks, along with a residential clientele. As we work to establish our partnership with this venue, we ask that you send us photographs of up to six paintings between August 23 and September 27 using our website's online submission tool.

Large diptychs and triptychs along with individual works of a minimum of 3 x 4 feet (36 x 48 inches) would display well on expansive showroom walls, so please send photos of that size paintings or larger with sizing set at 1500 pixels for the longer edge of the painting (24 MB max). Only those paintings selected by our partner will be displayed. If you have no large works to submit at this time, consider submitting at a later date as we are hoping to develop a long term relationship with this partner.