MEMBERS DAY Presentations


MEMBERS'DAY March 10, 2021 
7:00 to 9:00 Zoom

Social Media Marketing For Artists with Charie Ginete-Ilon

MEMBERS' DAY October 14, 2020
Beyond the Easel: The Business of Art with Sheila Davis


MEMBERS' DAY November 4, 2020
Taking the Mystery Out of Acrylic Mediums and Gels with Jill Segal 
MEMBERS' DAY January 13, 2021
Divine Geometry, Using Colour Pencil on Wood: Demo with John Martin
John will discuss how he uses different and diverse media in multiple layers to create deep, rich colours which play against the depth of the wood grains with great luminosity.


MEMBERS'DAY February 10, 2021
Watercolour Landscape Demo with Mommin Khan