Zoom Peer Critique


To Prince Edward Island by Alex Colville

Next session to be announced

Every other ‪Wednesday night artists are invited to join in the Markham Group of Artists' Peer Zoom Critique at 7:30PM. They will share art that they have been working on and will get some excellent supportive and constructive feedback!  Interesting observations and discussions will give the artists an idea of how they might improve or proceed forward with their work. It is our hope that these critiques will inspire you to create art as well as develop supportive relationships with other artists.
You can show two pieces if we have time. These  online sessions will be moderated by members of our group who will take on the lead role of facilitating the dialogue but are not giving the critique.

*Late artists will be added to the next critique ‪in two weeks.  
** Participants can join the meeting up to 15 minutes in advance, which may help to start the meeting on time.