February 2021

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MEMBERS' DAY: Wednesday, February 10th
6:30-7pm, Zoom

DEMO with Momin Khan
(watercolour landscape)

7-9pm, Zoom
Stay informed, connected and inspired! 

Join us on February 10th for our monthly Members Day meeting, followed by a live demonstration from watercolour artist Momin Khan.  

The demonstration will be recorded and later posted on our website for those unable to stay after the meeting.

To see a video of Momin painting, click on the link below:
RECAP: January Members' Day Presentation

January’s Demo was given by MGA member John Martin on using coloured pencils on wood panels and pen and ink on watercolour paper. John talked about his interest in creating mandalas and using supplies that often get no respect.  This technique can be worked on slowly over time and therefore is quite meditative. John sells his work on Etsy and posts on Instagram. 

Portrait of a Pandemic  (colour pencil on wood)

Instagram - martinartcollective


Pencil Crayon Art 
• wood panels - the more grain the better
• Hard pencil and macron pen 
• Prismacolor Pencil crayons - Scholar - cheaper, Premier - softer and 150 colours 
• a Sand eraser Mono (ink eraser has sand in it)
• electric pencil sharpener - Staples
• brush 
• matte medium Windsor Newton
• gloss varnish Grumbacher
• 3M sanding brush with criss cross marks (Home Depot)

Fountain Pens & Inks 
• Wonder Pens on Clinton Street - medium tip 
• Fude Pen 
• Uni - Posca 
• shimmering inks - Diamine  
• Micron pens
• watercolour paper either hot or cold press


February 3
Peer Critique (moderator Lynn Ross)
7:30 pm, Zoom

February 10
Members' Day 
6:30-7pm, Zoom

DEMO with Mommin Khan
(watercolour landscape)

7-9pm, Zoom
February 17           
Peer Critique  
(moderator Lynn Ross)
7:30 pm, Zoom


March 3
Group Critique (moderator Kim Lee Kho)

Open to all MGA members; 1-2 pieces
March 10
Members' Day  
Art Talk - topic 
March 17
Peer Critique  (moderator Susan Weisz)
7:30 pm, Zoom

March 31
Peer Critique  (moderator Lynn Ross)
7:30 pm, Zoom
The MGA has started monthly challenges to keep members engaged and creatively motivated.  'PANDEMIC CHALLENGES' was followed by the theme 'HOME SWEET HOME'.  All submissions are posted on our website and currently can be found under SHOWS — MONTHLY CHALLENGES. Artwork will also be shared on social media.

Although these exercises are exclusive to MGA members they may become open to the public down the road; stay tuned for monthly themes and updates!



LEFT + CENTRE:  PRIMARY LOCKDOWN, SECONDARY LOCKDOWN, acrylic/collage, h. 20"  w. 16" by Judith Livingston 
RIGHT:  MASK COVID Trading Cards by Nancy Leonard

Judy Livingston reflects on her two pieces: "When faced with our first - or Primary Lockdown we could still go out for essentials. Small gatherings were allowed.  However, with the second - or Secondary Lockdown, these gatherings were no longer permitted. We were told to stay in our little boxes, and the doors became little windows. Our world became more muted, and perhaps more unsettling, for now.  Like our natural world we will once again go outside, gather together and flourish." 

Nancy Leonard was inspired to create Art Trading Cards made up of collaged masks. The masks aren't attached to the background so are open to trading. She enjoyed the process, which reminded her the positive things that help get through the long months and truly appreciates the challenges provided by the MGA.


January Challenge:  HOME SWEET HOME


All submissions can be viewed on the MGA website (under SHOWS — MONTHLY CHALLENGES) 


February Challenge: THE HILL WE CLIMB

This month's Art Challenge comes from the last line of the poem The Hill We Climb,
written and recited at President Biden’s Inauguration ceremony by Amanda Gorman:

For there is always light.
If only we’re brave enough to see it. 
If only we’re brave enough to be it. 

These words can reflect the strength it takes to fight Covid and protect our families and our friends.
Let them inspire your creativity for this month's challenge!

Submission dates:  February 8th — 26th
Maximum 3 submissions per member

PEERING IN: Zoom Peer Critique  Wednesday, February 3rd
Each month, on selected Wednesday nights, artists are invited to join in the Zoom Peer Critique. They will share art that they have been working on and will get some excellent supportive and constructive feedback!  Interesting observations and discussions will give the artists an idea of how they might improve or proceed forward with their work.  The next critique is on Wednesday, February 3rd @7:30 p.m.  You should let us know you plan to attend by the Sunday before (January 31st)* and submit your ONE painting to Lynn Ross at rossld@me.com by Monday (February 1st) before the critique.

*Late artists will be added to the next critique.  
NOTE: Participants can join the meeting up to 15 minutes in advance, which may help to start the meeting on time.

DAILY PAINTING by Carol Marine

Paint small and  often to become a more creative, productive and successful artist


THE BLUE HOUR: A Stunning Illustrated Celebration of Nature’s Rarest Colour

French illustrator and author Isabelle Simler offers a stunning joint celebration of these uncommon blue creatures and the common blue world they inhabit  (extracted from BrainPickings, a daily online journal by Maria Popova.)


ART BLOG: Nicholas Wilton

Check out artist Nicolas Wilton's art blog, which also has  a video component. You can also sign up for his weekly newsletter and video. He also runs Art2Life art classes and can be reached via info@art2life.com


EMAIL ART SCAMS: How to Spot and Avoid Fraud

If you’ve been an artist with any type of internet presence over of the last ten years, you’ve most likely had a similar experience; you open your email account and have a new message waiting for you with a potential buyer. You’re excited! But, the more you read, the more you become suspicious. Something seems off. Your excitement of being on the horizon of a new sale is battling with your instincts that this could be a fraudulent inquiry. 

So, how do you know how to spot an email scam before it’s too late? And what can you do when you receive one of these emails?  Inform yourself by clicking below.



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