Markham Group of Artists

BORDERS BEYOND Spring Juried Show 2017

Juror's Statement - Overall Impressions

I was thrilled to be asked to jury this year’s edition of the Markham Group of Artists’ 2017 Spring Juried exhibition. It’s always fun to see what members of this local group are working on and to support the development of their practice in this way.

I recognize that it takes courage to submit artwork for public display and I wish to congratulate all those who brought in pieces to be considered for the exhibition.

When asked to explain how she views a “good painting” within this type of juried contest, artist Janet Warner explains that you can usually “sort of smell it and taste it” (Canadian Art, 2012). I tend to agree. People, including jurors, are attracted to certain pieces for various reasons, sometimes without really knowing why. Artistic merit, including technical ability and the mastering of one’s medium is important, but so are the creative liberties taken that allow you to push yourself and your craft. The basic elements of art including colour, form and texture, but also composition and scale, must come together to form a cohesive whole.

The presentation of the work greatly contributes to the success of a piece and elements such as matting and framing (or the lack thereof) should not be overlooked in the context of such an exhibition.

Ultimately, for me, it is the combination of all of these factors that pull me in. When an artwork “speaks” to me from across the room and calls me in for further inspection, I know something exciting is about to happen.

 Juror: Anik Glaude

 May 25, 2017



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