Markham Group of Artists

Eye Candy Juried Show 2014

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Markham Group of Artists 2014 Fall Juried Show

McKay Art Centre  | December 3 – 7

Juror’s Statement

Juror - Barbara Sutherland, A.O.C.A., O.S.A., C.S.P.W.C., Toronto


Thank you for entrusting me with the difficult yet rewarding task of adjudicating your show,
Eye Candy. I take the responsibility very seriously. We create in order to share our personal view and in the process bravely expose ourselves to critical assessment. Everyone who entered is to be congratulated for their efforts. 


The broad range of styles and approaches and the quality spanning them made choosing
the award winners particularly challenging. I look for graphic design, originality, draftsmanship, technique, use of colour, harmony, balance, psychological impact, and mood. Not all categories need to be present in equal amounts and quite often one may be sacrificed to augment another. The ultimate test is whether the work holds ones attention and continually brings the viewer back.


 I have done my best to bring my years of experience to the task, but remain aware that my choices would not likely be repeated by another juror. The element of chance is alive in this process. It is most important to stay in tune with our own voice, trust our instincts, step beyond our comfort zone, and continue to find joy and fulfillment through our creativity.


Well done everyone!    


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