Markham Group of Artists

FLOW Juried Show 2013

Annual Spring Juried Show
May 22—June 2, 2013
McKay Art Centre | 
197 Main St. Unionville

"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes.
Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like."
— Lao Tzu 

Juror's comments

Flow is a beautiful word to work with as the theme for this exhibition because it brings to mind so many possibilities. The flow of water and watery pigments. The flow of shape, mark and colour. The flow within a compositional structure, with its main current and smaller eddies. The flow of thought and story. And finally a kind of flow artists are very familiar with: that elevated state of full immersion when completely absorbed by a challenging but joyful activity, such as making art.

Judging this season’s exhibition was itself both challenging and joyful. Challenging because there were so many deserving works, and joyful for the same reason. I commend all the members of the Markham Group of Artists for the range and calibre of the work, showing an appetite for exploration and growth along with the honing of skills.

Congratulations to everyone who made it into the show, but also to everyone who submitted. I had to make many difficult – even painful – decisions, so if you didn't make it in this time, remember that while made thoughtfully and carefully, those decisions were neither personal nor infallible.

My criteria weighted creativity more heavily than craft, but sought a sound combination. Our award winners represent a high level of accomplishment in both arenas, spanning an interesting range of approach. While skills are something we should always be developing in ways that both support and challenge our artistic interests, the most important thing we bring to art is who we are, what we feel and think, how we see the world. Putting ourselves into our work in ways that surprise and make us notice things differently are what takes our skill-set into the realm of art.

Keep working, keep growing and keep flowing everyone!
Kim Lee Kho 

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