Markham Group of Artists

Little Treasures 2013

See our latest show at the McKay Art Centre from December 4-8, 2013.
Juror's Comments:

It was my pleasure to be asked to adjudicate the annual Markham Group of Artists' fall group show at the McKay Art Centre. Even with a prescribed size, it was a delight to see the wide variety of styles and medium in the submitted works. This was a fun process for me, but narrowing down the list of works to the allocated amount was a real challenge. 

Several factors must come together within a work to make it stand out from the crowd. My focus fell first on the arrangement or overall design of the artwork.   I looked at the elements of each work (line, shape, space, value, and color) as well as the basic design principles (rhythm, balance and unity.) Did the artist create a harmony of form that conveys one visual idea? Second, I considered the chosen medium (acrylic or watercolour, collage or photography) and technical achievement for each method used. Did the artist push any boundaries or use the materials in any novel or unexpected ways?  Finally, I considered the emotional pull I felt when examining each piece, as well as the overall impressions I gained from making the rounds over and over again.

I always try to picture the artist creating the artwork that is before me. Are they trying to communicate a particular feeling, idea or theme? Is this idea successfully translated to the person viewing the work? Ultimately, it is a combination of all of these things that make an artwork successful. I congratulate all of the participants who contributed works to this exhibition. I also must compliment the organizing committee for making this such a smooth process for me and for such a beautiful hanging. 

Anik Glaude
Varley Art Gallery of Markham 

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