Markham Group of Artists

Peer Juried Competition 2012

The start-up season in the Fall 2011 planted seeds for a new adventure. Through committee work, planning and website communication, the idea of a Peer-Juried Competition took hold. By January 2012 MGA launched this new "members only" event. Members who had received awards in recent MGA shows were invited to sit as jurors and the remaining membership was offered the experience of entering the juried competition. To ensure fairness everything ran on a random number system. Each piece of art, each of the jurors and each score was identified by number. Only one piece of art at a time was presented to the jurors and they recorded their juror number, the number of the art piece and its title on their evaluation sheets. They had five minutes to score each piece based on four categories; technique, composition, creativity and impact. The jurying involved 32 pieces of art and eight jurors. We hope you enjoy viewing these top scored jurors' choices.
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