Markham Group of Artists

RE:formation MGA Annual Juried Show May 2019

 Our thanks to Juror Olexander Wlasenko, Curator,
Whitby Station Gallery, for his work on our Juried Show.

Award-winning pieces are seen below:

"BEST IN SHOW   Northern Exposure" by Judith Livingston

Judith Livingston
Northern Exposure

A painting within a painting—here I enjoyed the sophisticated play of representation. This landscape duo merges into one integrated composition. In this delightful wetland sequence, speaks two related formal languages: one that is more conventional and the other with flattened, posterized forms. An exceptional work!

"SECOND PLACE   From Darkness to Wonder" by Marilyn McKay

Marilyn McKay
From Darkness to Wonder

It’s all about time… and this piece reveals itself to a patient viewer. Beautiful, poetic passages echo and resonate across this ambitious panel. Metal to rust, stones to sand—this piece captures the persistence of time. It’s very enjoyable seeing accretion of metal, silica, skeins of Washi paper, etc. in a delightfully textured composition. Wonderful!

"JUROR'S CHOICE   Changing Face of Markham" by Edward Abela

Edward Abela
Changing Face of Markham

This is a unique, sophisticated play of flat planes and perspective shifts. The high contrasting, colourful palette is exciting to read and emphasizes the juxtaposition of old with new. The organic shape of the tree livens and activates the bottom corner. Scintillating hints of the red-tone underpainting and opaque blocks form exciting reserve lines. A confident example in paint.

HONOURABLE MENTIONS (in alphabetical order):

"HONOURABLE MENTION   The Blue Lotus" by Lan Fang

Lan Fang
The Blue Lotus

This work maintains a natural fluidity and looseness that I can appreciate with the chosen medium. Never is this work belaboured or forced. A peaceful piece…

"HONOURABLE MENTION   A Tree Hugger: The Essex Skipper Butterfly" by Marie-France Guy Marie France Guy
Tree Hugger:
The Essex Skipper Butterfly
What initially reads as an abstraction, invites the casual viewer to appreciate the complexity of textures and interplay of paint that oscillates between trompe-l’œil realism to painterly explorations. I love how the carefully painted insect and the thin green strip on the side of the painting puts the painting in profile and context. 
"HONOURABLE MENTION   Playing" by Philippa Hajdu

Phillipa Hajdu

A successful and emphatic figurative abstraction! Burnt oranges, warm blues and neutral tones define the forms in the composition. One distinct figure with other suggestive forms populate this evocative, imagined space. I also enjoyed the bold confidence of brushwork, the successful use of collage and sgraffito mark-making make this piece notable and exciting.

"HONOURABLE MENTION   Shape of things to come" by Linda Ruscio McIntosh, BFA, AGD

Linda Ruscio McIntosh
Shape of Things to Come

Matisse painted Dance in 1910. I enjoy how this work is a dialogue with the Fauve classic with silhouetted figures. The subtle sheen of the steel ground is echoed in the metallic drips of paint. I enjoyed the scumbled passages of complimentary colours in the background.

"HONOURABLE MENTION   Life Is A Banjo" by Debra Wyles, AOCA

Debra Wyles
Life is a Banjo

Here is a fine exercise in controlled painting. This painting seems to be as much about what we can see, as it is about what we can’t. Quietude pervades this scene. Visual symbols of music and fidelity are in direct conversation with pictorial art histories.

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