Viewpoints are not only about perspectives, but also the times and places in which we experience transition; the moments we pivot and reground in new realities or remember what we’ve left behind. Our Juror was Anik Glaude, Curator at the Varley Gallery in Markham, Ontario.

“It was such a pleasure to see all of the works submitted for this exhibition. Several threads came up between the works as I was considering them, and these are further emphasized as I saw the works in person in the gallery.
Many of the submissions had elements of collage in them and I found the artists were successful at incorporating the different media used. Balance is key and not overdoing it allows for a better integration of the elements in each work. Composition was also a strong component of the works chosen. The successful works all demonstrated a well thought out composition that engaged with the viewer. Finally, the emphasis on bright colours created an energy that is much appreciated as we slowly get back to normal following long closures.”

As you view the show, please click on the paintings for more information and juror's comments on the award winners.