Windows Open 2020

Juror's Comments


It was an honour for me to jury such a wonderful selection of artwork. This is never easy and I have brought what I believe to be,  an unbiased opinion to the table. 

I have looked, seen, pondered and enjoyed each and every work in this new format of “virtual art show” and I know how it feels (from personal experience )to enter work and wait to hear the final selections. Please know that you are all winners for putting yourself out there and taking the step to believe in yourself and share your vision. With that being said, I have had to select a limited number and I have done so in the best possible way I know how. 
Each of you have presented your work and created it with, I hope, care and contemplation.  The initial choices I’ve made are always intuitive at first. It is always what captures my eye immediately.  Then,  after looking and re-looking, I begin to search for those unique pieces that further capture my considerate attention. Work that has been created with incredulous scrutiny in the details does not necessarily mean it is the “better” piece. However, know that I am in awe of the technical skill that is arduously and meticulously arrived at in the end work of art.  However, what an artist can produce with less rather than more can often feel just as exciting to the viewer. The outline of a face or the few brushstrokes boldly painted to reflect an image, or the minimal use of colour and combinations of many textures, mark-making and brush-marks together, can sometimes prove too much for the spectator to behold.  

Therefore, by capturing the essence of a subject, or taking that subject and reworking it in an entirely different way,  or for those who chose a sophisticated colour palette; all these nuances caught my eye. That said, I could have chosen 50 honourable mentions, but the five I chose , as well the first three awards, stood out as unique in their approach to their chosen subjects. 


Stay on your creative path, always looking for the shift in making something ordinary extraordinary. Put your fear aside and take risks. Its the only way to keep moving forward.


Thank you for this lovely experience.


Suzanne Metz