Windows Open 2021



Over the past year we have given people space, we have protected those who needed us, we have kept our windows shut. But art finds a way. Last year we asked artists to crack their windows and show us how the experience of isolation affected their vision of the world. This year we want those windows flung wide and the magic we'll need for our next steps back out into the world to be shared; to inspire and enliven. 


The Markham Group of Artists invited all artists from Toronto and surrounding areas  to submit paintings to WINDOWS OPEN 2021. This virtual show will run from September 18 to October 30th on the MGA website gallery. MGA was honoured to have well-known art consultant  and professional juror, Joanne Poluch of Remarque Art Consulting in Guelph jury this show. Congratulations to the award winners and all the artists whose work was accepted in this outstanding show. Please click on each painting for details and the juror or artist's comments on the piece. You may contact each artist directly for more information or to purchase a painting.




There are always true confessions to jurying an exhibition. It is a humbling task to evaluate work and recognize that artists have poured their heart and soul into their work.  Everyone understands there are very tough decisions to be made. Yes, it is subjective. There are “winners” and those that ‘win’ may have gained confidence to foster a measure of perseverance in their continued practice.  For others, not in the winner’s circle, they just may need more time to grow, learn and develop.


It is a humbling and emotional experience to jury work. As an honest and experienced juror, my personal goal has always been to take the time to give each piece my full attention and offer honest evaluation. When I jury, I fully commit to this.


This show was a joy to jury! I was very pleased with the overall calibre, versatility and technical expertise of the works submitted. That is a strong testament to artists that submitted to this call. I felt a true and deep sincerity to each submission.  Each piece honestly allowed me to have a deeper conversation with the artwork ……and ultimately an unspoken conversation with the artist.


I do seek out work that is very unique, commands good use of technical expertise, is exceptionally harmonious, thoughtful and well executed. I gravitate to work that displays a sense of place, captures a fleeting moment of emotion or convinces me that the artist’s intention was successful. I always need convincing.


Well Done, Artists! It is a challenging but exciting time in your art practice. Each and every one of you succeeded in your own style and interpretation to “crack open” the sense of isolation we all feel and to fling open the window into a different world that we must fill up with hope, joy, colour and fulfilment that only art brings to the world.


This was a true pleasure to jury. I wish each and every one of you my best wishes for success now and always.




Joanne Poluch

Remarque Art Consulting