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MAY CHALLENGE: Urban Sketching

MAY CHALLENGE:  Urban Sketching 

Submission Dates: May 5—28th

If you're tired of being isolated in the studio, sketching outside in the community will make an exciting change. Try Urban Sketching. 
Submissions don't have to be finished pieces but can be sketches, experiments or doodles. We encourage you to play! 


The Urban Sketchers Manifesto

  • Draw on location indoors or out, capturing what you see from direct observation.
  • Your sketches will tell the story of your surroundings and places you live.
  • Your drawings are a record of time and place.

Sketching for pleasure is an enjoyable way to record your surroundings and improve your drawing skills. Being on location allows you to fully enjoy the world around you.  It doesn’t have to be complex and the tools you need can be as simple as a pencil or pen and paper. 

Sketch books become visual diaries and are often personal documents of holidays or trips. They can also be preparation for a painting made at a later date. 

So take out your sketch book into your garden, at the front of an old house, on the sidewalk down the street or on the trail in your local park or ravine. You will be forced to work quickly, and make rapid decisions about what is important and what can be left out. It will sharpen your reflexes and your visual memory and use all your 5 senses. 

Try to do one a day for the month of May (after all what else are you doing during this time of lock down) and then post 3 of your favourite sketches. Add words or watercolours if you like and let us have a peak into your world. 


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