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Viewpoints 2023


One of the great joys of being an artist is the responsibility we hold for setting, shifting, and subverting viewpoints. Both on the canvas and in society, we decide where the camera is set up, what is captured and what is cropped. We decide with every brushstroke what stays in and what stays out; what a viewer sees, believes or is meant to believe. It is a position of power and vulnerability; strength and compassion -- and it is ours to manage. 


MGA's Viewpoints 2023 is a show that focuses on how the power of perspective is used to tell stories, explore truths and untruths, to lead and follow. Show us what you see and what you want us to see. 



MAY 1 – 28, 2023


All MGA members are invited to submit up to 2 paintings to VIEWPOINTS 2023, a juried exhibition to be held at the McKay Art Centre from May 31 - June 4 and will also be featured on the MGA website from June 2 - August 31.  All paintings will be posted and promoted on the MGA’s Instagram and Facebook sites.


Jurying Information.
MGA is honoured to have
 well-known artist and teacher, Andrew Hamilton serve as the juror and jurying will take place in person at the McKay Art Centre on May 30th. Cash prizes will be awarded.
1. Paintings must be submitted on the website by May 28th.
2. Artwork drop off at the McKay Art Centre: Tuesday, May 30th  from 9:30 am - 11 am only.

3. Artists whose work has been accepted will be notified by phone, text or email by 2:30 pm on May 30th.

4. Pick up of unaccepted work on May 30th at McKay Art Centre by 4 pm.


The show opens on May 31st.
The official Opening and Awards Ceremony will take place on June 1st from 7:00 – 9:00 pm. 

 Awards will be given out at 7:30 pm


Artwork Eligibility:
Submitted work must be original two-dimensional artworks in all traditional media, including collage, that is entirely the work of the artist, created within the last two years, not previously exhibited in an MGA juried show and executed without the supervision of an instructor. Entries must not be copies, derivatives, or based in any way on other artists’ paintings, photographs, or other artistic work. 


Participant Guidelines

The exhibition is open to all MGA members who may enter a maximum of two (2) pieces of work in the show.

1.  The entry fee is $25 for the first two (2) paintings.     
2.  Entry fees are payable by credit card online during the submission process. 
3.  All details on the registration form must be completed before work is submitted.
4.  Works may be submitted from May 1-28.
5.  We ask that you add a sentence about your work and any contact information you wish (website, email, phone) so interested buyers can reach you.  This information will be listed with each painting on the website and on the MGA social media platforms. Please give each painting a unique name eg. Untitled paintings by the same artist must be differentiated in some way. 
 6.  MGA will process sales during the McKay Art Centre show and retain 20% of the sale. If you sell between June 5 - August 31, while the show is being promoted on MGA's social media sites,  please contact  so your painting will be marked sold on the website and you will be given information so you can send 20% of the sale to MGA.                  

Conditions of Entry
1. All members whose paintings are accepted for the show are required to sign up for a time to host-sit the show in the gallery during the May 31 – June 4 duration of the show. Please view the sitting schedule on the link on the home page of the MGA website. You will have the opportunity to sign up on jury day at the McKay Art Centre. All members are invited to host/sit the show whether their paintings are accepted or not. It is a nice experience and open to everyone. 


2.  Please ensure the images meet the following specifications:

     a.  Must be in jpg format only

     b.  Only the image of your artwork should show (no frames or extraneous backgrounds)

     c.  Images must not be smaller than 1500px on its longest side

     d.  Image files cannot exceed 24 MB

     e.  Image files are to named using the following convention:

            FirstName.LastName_Title.Medium.Size.jpg (ie:Jane.Doe_title.acrylic.12x24)


3. Artwork Size Limitations (for McKay Art Centre):

       a. Paintings must not exceed 40” in width (including frame)

       b. Paintings under glass must not exceed perimeter size of 124” (including frame)

       c. Paintings under plexiglass must not exceed perimeter size of 140”  (including frame)
      d.  All accepted pieces must be dry, wired and ready to hang

      e.  Any paintings not within these guidelines will not be accepted for jurying.

4.  Artist Release:

By your admission to this show you are agreeing to assume all risks associated with your participation in The Markham Group of Artists  Juried Art Show and Sale, including but not limited to all claims, damages, costs, charges, liabilities and expenses for any damages sustained,  including for any loss or damage to the Artwork that you are voluntarily submitting.


    Questions? Please email





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Cost to Submit:
Entry Cost: CAN$25.00
Items 1-2: Included with Entry Cost
Maximum Items:
Submission Dates:
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