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2020 MEMBERS' DAYS  » Varley Gallery, 216 Main St. Unionville, 10am–12 noon 
Saturday, March 7      
Critique with Kal Honey
Members can bring in one finished or unfinished artwork for evaluation
Saturday, April 4      
Saturday, May 2      
Venue TBA 
Saturday, February 29
Nedda Zaharelos — 
Working with the Conscious and Unconscious

Stage 1.  Playing (working freely without concern of composition)
Stage 2.  Composing (using left-brain analytics and layering techniques to bring it all together).

Saturday, March 21   
Beverley Hawksley — 
Incorporating the figure into collage

This will be a playful approach to collage with a figurative angle. We will learn to trust that the
figures that show up come with their own stories.  

Saturday, April 18
Artecus Gallery Trip (to be confirmed) 

May 27th — June 7th:  Annual Juried Show @ the McKay Art Centre   


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